Dimas López Zurita

Senior Software Engineer
Barcelona, Spain - +34 600 620 967 - me@dimaslz.io

Cover Letter

I am a tech geek with more than 10 years of experience as a FullStack software developer.

Enthusiastic and proactive, I have an entrepreneurial mindset, always involved in some side projects in my free time to keep learning and discover new challenges.

I am able to adapt to the needs of the team. I am empathetic and aware of the product as a whole. I like to understand the business model and the team's goals to be more productive and think proactively about what could benefit the team, user or the project. I enjoy learning, working and contributing with my code and my positive and supportive attitude.

In my previous positions, I faced challenges from the front line as a leader of around 14 developers, aiming to provide the best support to the teams and the company. I am proactive in finding solutions and making product improvements without waiting for instructions, always validating changes with the team. I strive to provide solutions while maintaining a pragmatic mindset, finding the balance between best practices, value and quality.

I have experience working in cross-functional teams divided into multiple squads, and am fully capable of working remotely. Being empathetic, transparent and helpful whenever I can are at the core of my principles. I enjoy mentoring when needed and also appreciate being mentored.

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