Dimas López Zurita

Senior Software Engineer
Barcelona, Spain - +34 600 620 967 - me@dimaslz.io


Enthusiastic self-taught and crazy about technology, I work in web technologies since 2011, today mainly focused on frontend technologies but also enjoying backend and mobile environments in side projects.

I like innovation, entrepreneurial mindset and business stories. Learning, discovering, sharing and helping are the keys to my daily motivation.

My top topics are cloud platforms, SAAS, tooling development, open source, learning, automation, React, Vue, Angular, Svelte, Typescript, Kubernetes, Docker, Github Actions, AWS, Testing (unit, integration, e2e), nodejs and more. I'm open to listen, learn and code!

Employment History

  • Full Stack Engineer at MySelf

    jun 2021 - current
    Barcelona, Spain (remote)
    Consultant, Site projects, Learning and Mentoring

    Stack: Vue2, Vue3(pinia + TS), NuxtJS, NextJS, Jest, Testing Library, Cypress, Playwright, NodeJS+TS, Angular, React+TS, Docker, Vite, SockerIO, MongoDB, ...
  • Senior Frontend Engineer at BackMarket

    august 2021 - march 2023
    Barcelona, Spain (remote)
    Helping to deliver quality features, promoting good testing practices and working in performance. Involved in big migration projects for next company challenge.

    Stack: Vue2, Nuxt, Jest, Testing Library...
  • Sabbatical Year

    february 2020 - august 2021
    Barcelona, Spain
    Personal break to focus in my mental health, think, study and work on my side projects and open-source. Self-training to improve as a professional and to be ready for the next challenge.
  • Frontend Engineer - Lead/Manager at Ubeeqo (Europcar Mobility Group)

    november 2017 - february 2020
    Barcelona, Spain (office)
    Ubeeqo is one of the products of Europcar Mobility Group. I joined the company as a Frontend developer, I was promoted to be the responsible of all the web applications for Ubeeqo as a Frontend Manager/Lead.

    I grew the team from 4 to ~14 Frontend developers, while the company grew from ~15 to ~140 employees just in 2 years in Barcelona HUB.

    - Work in cross functional decissions
    - Define the frontend architecture for all web products in the company.
    - Define the UX interactions with layouts and components.
    - Define components library based in Vuejs.
    - Managed the Agile development process from specification to completion.
    - Define the pipeline test.
    - Develop and define e2e implementation.
    - Recruiting frontend and QA team.

    Stack: vanilla js, vue (v2.x), vuex, sass, nuxt, nightwatch and cypress, jest, webpack, nodejs, babel, rollup, docker, scrum.
  • Previous experiences

    2011 - 2015
    Barcelona, Spain (office)
    I started as a back-end developer working with PHP, hen moved to full-stack development with Node.js and finally focused on front-end development. During these years I was able to solve many problems in different environments and adapting to different technologies.

    Worked Trovit, BeRepublic, FocusOnEmotions, Zyncro, Stuart Delivery and Instaply,

    Used JS, AngularJS, ReactJS, NodeJS, CSS, Stylus, Grunt, Gulp, Npm, CI, Scrum methodology and SOLID practices, SockerIO, PHP, ...


  • Associate's Degree in Software Development

    2009 - 2011
    Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain
    Learning database management and software development in python, java and visual basic
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